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youtube marketing The challenge is to have – or find – an extremely popular video. This method can take a long time to develop if you’re starting from scratch. But in this chapter I’m giving you a few tips including an amazing little secret for how you can tap into the success of an already-viral video and capitalize on it!

YouTube is by no means the only game in town. In fact, there are plenty of other excellent video sites where many of the tips here will apply very well. This said, YouTube is the run-away leader in the field, so let’s start there.

It never ceases to amaze me what people choose to watch! Some of the most popular videos on YouTube are amazingly pedestrian and uninspired. And yet… many of them have MILLIONS of views! If you have a video that’s gone viral, what do you do? Do you just congratulate yourself and carry on regardless? Or do you attempt to monetize some of that traffic?

And what if you DON’T have a viral video? Do you still have a chance to somehow tap into all that mad traffic?

The answer to these questions is a definite YES on all counts.

We’re looking at two ways (at least) to monetize YouTube. First, you have (or are about to have) some videos and you’d like to use them to drive traffic to your page; Second, you don’t have your own vids, but would still like to tap into that traffic stream. Let’s look at the first case first.

Promoting Your Own Videos.

I’m assuming you already have your videos, and if you don’t – and don’t even have all the tools – you’ve gone to a sites like Animoto, Camtasia or Jing to get it done. Simple and easy!

Now that you have a few short vids which are also at least mildly interesting, you need to let people know that you’re there and that they should find you. You need to use a combination of methods to achieve this.

Firstly, get your KEYWORDS right. The process is very much the same as with SEO, actually. Test the different keywords within YouTube and watch the results. Go to the pages of other successful videos and look at their tags as well. Once you have good keywords, you will increase the chances that people will stumble upon your stuff. But don’t stop there. Next, you should remember that YouTube is also a social network! With that in mind you should become active on it and… make friends! Invite them to your channel and subscribe to theirs.

And… you can also use some TOOLS to help you speed the whole process up. One such (excellent) tool is TubeToolBox. Even if you’re not yet quite sure about your whole YouTube strategy, I would advise you not to hesitate to get that program. You can start with a free version or go for the real thing right away. It’s actually pretty amazing what it can do!

But driving traffic to your video pages would be slightly pointless if you didn’t have something there that encouraged people to slick through to your site or sales page. For this reason, you must always make sure that at the very least your URL is referenced in the TOP portion of your video description. That’s the bit everyone sees when they come to view your video. If they love it, they’ll be inclined to read about it, and some of them will click on your URL to learn more about you. If you have a video that’s gone viral… even a tiny percentage of click-thrus can be a staggering number.

You can also add those little callout boxes (annotations) to the videos themselves. YouTube allows you to place URLs in there – just make sure you do that tastefully so as not to spoil the viewing experience, probably at the end of the video as the last thing people see – but you can experiment with what works best.

So, to recap, you can create short 30 seconds up to 5 minutes video, possibly in 2 or 3 parts – and they can be about anything. Make sure that you always send people to your squeeze page from within your YouTube site (and/or from within your video).

Let’s now look at another sceario.

What To Do If You Don’t have Very Popular Videos – But Still Want to Cash In On Their Traffic?

You can do either of three things in that situation. You can either

(a) find a successful channel and propose a collab
(b) you can ask a channel owner to SELL you the popular video, or
(c) you can buy the whole channel.

You may be able to buy a popular video for as little as $50 or even $20. You might be able to buy a whole channel for as little as $150 or $200. Naturally, you can only do that with a non-marketer. Someone who has no intention of capitalizing on his popular channel or videos. Someone who’s just stumbled on that viral effect. There are hundreds of thousands of those! Millions even.

Look for videos with LOTS of views, 50,000, 100,000 – or more. And then look at their descriptions. See a URL there? See any attempts to monetize? Chances are that many of them – most, in fact – do NOT make any such attempts.

That’s where you step in.

Become friends and contact them “Hey John, would you consider selling me the rights to your video? I could pay you $30 for that! Or how about I pay you $200 for your whole channel?” Or – you might have already developed a friendly relationship with that person and you might want to propose a different deal: “Hey John, I’m a marketer and I think I might be able to make us both some money on that video of yours! If you let me place my URL in your description and maybe a link or two within your video itself, I could cut you in on XX% of whatever we pull in!” Watch out, though. This second method, while very fair, can be fraught with all sorts of complications, particularly when dealing with non-business-minded people.

So, what kind of videos would you be looking for (other than those with many views)? Well, not only many views but also still going strong. You can establish that by clicking on the statistics link under each video. Apart from that, OF COURSE, it should be a video pertaining to YOUR NICHE.

Now What?

Right. Now that you have your URL and information attached to a popular video, and it’s within your niche – what could you be selling?

This is a subject of a separate chapter within these pages, but I can give you a few quick ideas, assuming that you haven’t already decided on that yourself. If you’re still trying to figure out what exactly you should be marketing, then the kind of product that has “better” chances of being converted using the above technique is typically NOT an eBook (i.e. not a ClickBank product). ClickBank products work great in many situations, but according to many marketers whose opinions I’ve been gathering, another type of product seems to work a lot better with YouTubers: CPA deals. CPA means “cost per action” and it’s essentially a deal you make with a marketing company like NeverBlue (one of the easier ones to get approved on), and you’re simply being paid for referrals. With some products you can earn awesome amounts in sales commissions – and you’re certainly NOT limited to eBooks only. Once you’re signed up to NeverBlue, you set up your campaign parameters (make sure it’s set to “international”) and you can start getting paid almost instantly! Make sure that you pick campaigns related to your niche – and to that video you’re attached to! There are some programs on NeverBlue which pay you between $30 and $50 per free trial that people sign up to! That’s not even a full sale.

Finally, wanna turbo-boost your video promotions? Visit TubeMogul and TubeToolBox!


  • Find vids with 50,000 views MINIMUM
  • Must have views coming in regularly (check statistics)
  • Make sure the description is up high and visible
  • Make sure there is NO link in their current description (not a marketing savvy owner)
  • Note that other marketers and big companies will refuse a deal like that.
  • Send private message to owner
    Subject: Hey XXX, I really loved your video
    Hi XXX,
    My name is XXX am a marketer. Love your vids and the response you generated is fantastic. i would like to talk to you about an easy way to make some money – all you need to do is post a link to a website URL. This will only take you a few seconds and I am prepared to pay you well. If interested, let me know and we can discuss the fun stuff.
  • How much to offer? $150 for their YouTube account – or $20 to just stick this link to my website in your description
  • If you own the YouTube account you can do much more, add calls to action, etc, etc


  • Typically can’t link to ClickBank products
  • Best response to CPA campaigns where they don’t HAVE TO buy anything, but we get paid for referral (cost per action) –
  • Go to and look for EPC campaigns (earn per click). Pick campaign type, pick: international
  • You get paid when people order a free trial. In some cases you can get paid 30-35$ per link!

Special Technique: YouTube Bounceback! (from Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo)

  • Ensure that you have the primary keyword in title of your video
  • Also use the primary and secondary keywords in description
  • Don’t forget primary and secondary keywords in tags
  • Encourage comments
  • Encourgae them to favorite it (ASK them to do it!)
  • Drive as many viewers to the video as possible, using all the techniques you know
  • Link to your video from external sites and blogs with your primary keyword phrase in the anchor text
  • Embed the video on your own page
  • Always use keyword rich title tags
  • Ensure that the internal linking structure on your site points to your video(s)  and contains the primary keyword phrase in anchor texts
  • Optimize your blog/site posts for the same phrase as the YouTube video
  • Bounce them back and forth between your blog/site and YouTube
  • Google is 50 times more likely to rank you if you have video!


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