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warrior special offersOne of the most helpful places to start your online marketing career is where all the marketers hang out. Places like Warrior Forum.

And if you have a product of your own with which you’d like some help, very few places on the Internet can compete with WSO’s (Warrior’s Special Offers) for their ability to actually help you get going. With this in mind, let’s have a look at how all this works.

How to Run a WSO For Maximum Success

Warrior Forum rules and posting

  • Read rules first. Carefully!
  • $37 – to access the “war room” & place your first WSO
  • You can “bump” your post (for a little extra $$) as new posts push it down.
  • Original products only!
  • Your pricing for WSO’s MUST be better than on ClickBank or elsewhere.
  • Before you start WSO – PARTICIPATE, ask questions, make comments, etc – FIRST
  • Consider paying for threads ($20)
  • Pay when you know you’ll have time to mind the computer and answer questions etc
  • Another $20 to promote
  • Offer value – always
  • Never post junk

Components of a successful WSO

  • Must deliver/over-deliver value
  • Aim to get a “is he serious?” reaction
  • Pick a subject which is hot and has lots of interest
  • What they talk about the most?
  • Offer a very good price – so they say “incredible, no brainer!”
  • Well written sales letter: grab attention, entice. They’ve seen it all, so… don’t BS them!
  • What’s in the offer, what’s in it for them, why they must have it?
  • Look at others’ sales letters
  • Easy delivery of product must be assured (i.e. not manually!)
  • As soon as they pay by PayPal, they must get product there and then
  • Product MUST deliver on promises – provide proof
  • No hidden costs
  • Rapid response to questions – so be by the computer once you post your WSO
  • Professional and polite attitude – always!

Running a WSO

  • You can look at offers, consider your area of knowledge
  • Some of them offer money-making opportunities, look at those too!
  • Analyze those offers
  • Don’t devalue your product
  • Don’t break forum rules when posting your own – you’ll be banned immediately
  • Resell terms and conditions – don’t devalue the product – include rights lists with everything you sell
  • Copy and paste resell terms and conditions
  • Offer your skills for sale here
  • Can you Write? Copywrite? Design? Make vids? Music? Make sites? Anything? – offer it!!
  • Analyze your skills and offer them!
  • You can make a LOT of money just in this manner

Pricing Your WSO

  • Must be a special price, not available anywhere else
  • This can make or break you
  • Sell products here first get testimonial etc, great price
  • And THEN sell publicly and remove offer from WSO
  • Never try to rip people off on WSO
  • Must represent value for money
  • Price low to build list
  • The money is always in the list
  • “Too low” price is a small price to pay for a list
  • You can later market non-WSO products to list
  • Don’t undervalue your offer
  • May have probs selling for more later
  • May be perceived as worthless
  • But not TOO expensive either
  • Having a good reputation on the forum helps
  • Ask, give, share, advise, join in discussions
  • Look at similar offers for ideas for pricing
  • Don’t change pricing in mid-stream, better go too low than too high
  • Or have a slow incremental price, first 50 for X, next 50 for Y, etc
  • Limit number of products or services sold – helps to increase their value
  • Limited number adds value, particularly with PLR products
  • Dimesales are popular, especially to bump your post up
  • But – a dimesale shouldn’t last too long
  • Price increases every XX hours
  • Price increases every XX buyers, first 25 buyers only pay xx etc
  • But stick to those strategies, don’t vary or change rules mid-stream
  • High price – low number of products available
  • Low price – multiple copies, anyone can have it
  • Research is key prior to making offers

Posting A WSO

  • New thread
  • Fill in form, submit
  • Moderator will review it
  • Once done, you’ll get a message on board
  • Pay $20, click when you’re ready and everything is tested
  • And don’t click if you’re not gonna be in front of the computer
  • Look at what others are doing and emulate
  • Use BB code (tags, similar to html)
  • You can use search to find offers that sell well, trial/error, emulate
  • Avoid hype
  • Make it clear what the product does
  • Make the buy button obvious
  • Don’t create unpleasant surprises
  • Don’t copy, but get inspired by others
  • Pick title well – you can’t change it later
  • Post title is more important than your headline

Marketing Your WSO

  • Put a link to it in your WF signature
  • Participate in WF as much as possible – make posts
  • The more you add value to forum the better you’ll do
  • But find threads which are relevant to your skill-set etc
  • Make relevant comments
  • If you don’t know how to add value, avoid posting
  • Don’t post just because you can
  • If it goes well bump it up (pay another $20)
  • Before you launch your WSO, get testimonials from experienced Warriors and include them – if possible
  • You can contact others, say you’re new, and ask them to review and provide testimonial and then I could use it, etc
  • Guru testimonials totally transform your offer
  • Gather testimonials from buyers
  • Some warriors may agree, they often like to help
  • Don’t hassle and rush them though
  • Notify your list (if you have one) about your WSO

Launching your WSO

  • WSO essentially works like a pre-market offer
  • Make sure you tested delivery and payment
  • Double check sales letter – next day – b4 posting…!
  • Ensure everything works
  • Be by your cpu when it goes live
  • Can take some time, not always instant responses
  • But be ready anyway
  • If it takes too long 2-3 days, then politely ask what’s up
  • Always answer questions promptly, professionally, politely
  • If you make a mistake, admit it, apologize with free deliveries
  • Participate in forum when you launch to raise awareness of your WSO
  • Don’t sit back and wait for your WSO to work – actively support it

Delivering Your Product

  • Can be delivered manually, BUT best automatically (immediacy)
  • At the very least take them to a form (eg if you offer a service), to give them that instant gratification feeling
  • Manual is NOT recommended – almost never – plus it’s extra work
  • Automatic is the only way with WSO
  • PayPal redirect can be used but not advised – it’s limiting and not secure
  • People can decrypt it and get your product free
  • Can use a service like E-JUNKIE (automatic delivery service, for a small cut)
  • Or use DLGuard or Amember or Rapid Action Profits
  • They’re more secure, and provide instant gratification
  • Automation frees up your time
  • It makes you look professional!
  • Appearance is everything in this business
  • Always test the product delivery process 1000%

Grow Your List

  • Capture leads when you do WSO
  • Don’t force them to sign up to get your product
  • So for WSO you need to be more flexible
  • This can alienate warriors
  • Opt in form, so they can get special offers, etc, training materials, free products, etc . Bribe them to sign up – ethically!
  • Free or low-cost WSO is a good way to build list – free justifies list, if low-cost enough, also
  • With a list, you can build JVs and ad swaps, etc – and grow your list
  • The money is in the list !!!!
  • List is an asset for a sustainable business

What Not To Do

  • Don’t sell anything you didn’t create 100%
  • Always be professional, polite and honest
  • Never get angry at the forum
  • Don’t under-deliver
  • Always over-deliver – it tells them you care
  • Don’t ignore comments or questions on your WSO
  • You can answer multiple comments with a single post, if need be
  • Don’t ignore technical support comments
  • Run a professional WSO – and only good things will come from it
  • This will improve your networking and future success

Taking It To The Next Level

  • Backend offers to your list
  • WSO is great to make money quickly and build contacts
  • But you can use the contacts to go further, sell backend offers, new products, etaffilates, etc
  • Run regular WSOs
  • Once people recognize you, sales will be much easier
  • Not too much not too little, don’t over-sell either
  • Use WSOs to make your name
  • Once you make a name, you could move away from WSOs
  • You can add upsells / OTOs to your WSO
  • WSO is a launch pad to starting a big business
  • Recruit JV partners or affiliates here
  • Get them to sell to their lists

Other Notes

  • You could also skip the warrior special offers and simply post your service or offer on other warrior forums, e.g. product and services, complete sites for sale, classified ads, warriors for hire, etc
  • Use classifieds – for products not really suitable for WSO
  • For hire – you could also add your service here (make sure you read about the format and rules)
  • Once you have a list join the JV subforum – it makes you look professional!
  • Get WSO Pro – it’s a tool well worth using ($19) – it automates a lot of the WSO work for you. When people see you running WSO pro, they’ll know you’re serious!

Taken from Andrew Johnson’s “Overnight Cash Pumps”

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