URL And Traffic

url selectionYour URL – domain name – can be directly responsible for boosting your traffic tremendously, with very little effort, once it’s set up.

This can only happen if your URL described what you do. “Branding” URL names (e.g. “John Smith Co.”) require… branding: constant promotion.

The challenge is to have a keyword-rich name for your site. This method can be tremendously effective in driving organic traffic to your site. If your URL is “the” keyword you’re mining for, then your success on Google – and other search engines – is all but assured.

This is really a total no-brainer, and yet you’d be surprised how many people just don’t get it. If your name is John Smith and you sell killer tips for SEO, what URL would you want to register: (A) JohnSmith.com? – or (B) KillerSEOTips.com? (assuming both were available). If you pick the first option, you might have an illusion of “branding” yourself, but you’ll drive no “natural” traffic. But if you pick the second one, your site will be AUTOMATICALLY at top of the search list for anyone who’s typed the keyword “killer SEO tips”. Search engines look at URLs first!

Naturally, you will find that SHORT keywords are hard, if not impossible, to register. They’re all taken already. But long keywords work just as well, plus they have the added advantage of being much more specific and thereby they AUTOMATICALLY pre-qualify your potential clients!

If I sell noisy but catchy independent trash metal mp3s I could call my site “TrashMetalMP3.com” or I could register “NoisyButCatchyIndependentTrashMetalMP3.com”. You might be put off by the LENGTH of such a URL, and you would be right. For this reason it is often wise to register more than one URL. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Google – and others – will penalize you for that if you’re just indiscriminately registering keyword URLs and redirecting them to your site. This works great with one or two extra (relevant) names or name variants, but may get you banned if you go much beyond that.

Already have a site, and the URL is “wrong”? (Not keyword-rich)

Consider buying a keyword-rich domain (GoDaddy) and redirecting all its traffic to your site!

The best domain names to go for are:

  • .com – by far
  • .org
  • .net

Domain name guidelines:

  • Hyphens are quite acceptable, for example my-best-tips.com
  • Ensure you use your primary keyword in your domain name
  • Try to keep it as short as possible for SEO purposes
  • Domain name length doesn’t matter when recruiting affiliates

Domain Suggestion Tools

  • http://domain-suggestions.domaintools.com/

What if my preferred domain name is no longer available?

  • Look up the WHOIS at BetterWhoIs.com
  • Contact domain broker
  • Check www.sedo.com
  • Also www.GoDaddy.com (domain acutions)
  • Also look at www.BuyDomains.com

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