Twitter Traffic Basics

url selectionThe challenge is to cutting through the clutter and quite a lot of work. This method is quite new and not many people are aware of Twitter’s marketing power – even if it does seem pretty obvious that “something” should be possible to achieve here…!

Once you’ve set up your Twitter account, you should also sign up to a link cloaking service like (this is because you can’t use long URLs in Twitter messages, and allows you to shorten them greatly). But the extra sign ups don’t end there.

The thing to do with Twitter is to build followers and communicate with them effectively through the Direct Messaging system. EverGold is said to be a perfect (free) tool to help you do that. You should also sign up to a tweet scheduling site like tWaitter – and a service called TwitterFeed (to combine Twitter with RSS feeds).

As you organize and post your messages, your next job is to get as many followers as you can. You do this by following others first. Use SearchTwitter to help you target your “ideal” prospects – people who are currently talking about the things you are marketing! You can also hook yourself up to TwEllow (a kind of Twitter Yellow Pages).

Once you get around 200-300 followers (which will take only a couple of days if you apply yourself well), you can now continue doing the same manually (which gives you HIGHER QUALITY contacts), or your can automate the process (lower quality, but much bigger volume). If you pick the latter method, try Buzzom which is the highest rated tool of its kind on the web at this moment.

By this point you’re tweeting and communicating and sending links to your pages to many thousands of people. If you SOFT SELL – and don’t do it too often – people won’t tune you out and you’ll be getting thousands of qualified visits. It IS quite a lot of work, however. If you need more help getting this off the ground, visit PaulOMahony or TheTwitterKing. They also advocate using MULTIPLE Twitter accounts – in other words, multiply the above work by a factor of two or three. Not all “that” much work, but all of it quite involved and not ideal for a total newbie.

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