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buying traffic

A lot of people opt in to various general lists on the web, expressing their interest in particular niches. You’ve done that too, I’m sure, and so have I. Most companies on the web actually TRADE with their lists – and some SELL them outright. There are companies which take this to an unimaginably sophisticated level. They collate member data from multiple sources and build extremely detailed databases where they actually “know everything about you.” This is potentially SCARY stuff. But it’s also the way things are now and we are not able to change it.

In fact, were it not for the POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE of this type of database, most of us wouldn’t have a real problem with it. But let’s leave politics out of this for now.

As a marketer, if you know that you can save yourself MONTHS of traffic generation, wouldn’t you be interested in BUYING traffic outright? Not advertising for it, not taking any chances – flat out BUYING it. You pay, they come! Targeted and filtered!

Well, that’s the theory. In practice it can get a little more tricky than that. But you CAN make this work. In fact you can make this work VERY well indeed.

The thing to keep in mind is that NOT ALL TRAFFIC IS EQUAL. 100,000,000 visits from bots might give you a high Alexa rank, but they won’t generate even a single sale! A million people interested in “vacations” might not be interested at all in your “vacation in Nowhere Town, MI” website.

When you buy a highly targeted list, you pay for the PRECISION with which they are selected. And the more precise you get, the higher the cost per contact.

If you define your prospect’s profile well, you can buy hundreds, even tens of thousands of highly qualified visits.  People who are already interested in what you’re selling are much easier to convert than those who are “just looking”, or those who aren’t looking at all. Just remember: the trick is to always start small, test – and only scale if you see things are working!

Here are a few companies which specialize in selling pre-qualified traffic. I’ve tried all of them and my results have been mixed. This is not to knock them, but only to bring to your attention what I already said: just because they come to you, doesn’t mean they’ll buy. If your page doesn’t convert well, even the best pre-qualified traffic won’t do much for you!


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