Social Network Marketing

social network marketingThe challenge is to cut through the clutter. This method CAN generate huge traffic, but it won’t happen “just like that” no matter what you do. Not unless you pay for advertising there. This said, there are quick and dirty ways of cutting through SOME of the clutter using commonsense methods.

If you’d like to go out and actively get traffic while at that the same time you’re passively waiting for it, then social network advertising is one neat way to do so.

The FREE ways of building awareness of your presence on any of these networks (especially FaceBook) always come down to being interesting and entertaining to your online friends. If your posts are funny and engaging, you’ll always rank high on everyone’s walls, and your friends will grow in numbers quicker than if you did nothing or if you just did the same kinds of things everyone else is doing. Naturally, you need to make sure that your URL is available within your profile and that once in a while you invite your friends to “events” which may not only tickle their fancy but potentially also get you some signups.

But the real money is in placing ads on the network. They don’t cost much – at first glance – but can add up very quickly and lose you money if you don’t do your homework first. If you get your niche and pitch right, however, then every penny invested will come back to you many times over.

Social Media

You should be aware of four types of social media: (1) blogs, (2) social networking sites, (3) social bookmarking sites, and (4) forums. Don’t be upset if the distinctions between types of social media tend to blur. Social media help promote your site by sending direct traffic, producing links to your site, and generating awareness. The subject is too diverse to go into detail here.

Become Part of a Social Media Community

Some of the best online communities for business include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In addition, you may want to participate in a social bookmarking community in which members share with each other information about websites, articles, or news items that they like (or don’t like). These include Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Google Bookmarks.

Search engine spiders troll these sites looking for links to something new and relevant. You can usually place a link to your website in your profile, but the biggest gain comes when other people mention you (which generates traffic to your site), link to you (which increases your PageRank and brings traffic), or bookmark you (which increases your PageRank and brings traffic).

One important reminder, don’t join a community to spam them or talk incessantly about your business. Like any community you must listen, comment, and make a genuine contribution for the good of others. Don’t hog the conversation. Otherwise, your self-serving links and comments will hurt your reputation.

Paid Ads On Social Networks – Overview

  • Find money-making niches. Research who the market is. How do you define your market?
  • Find well-paying affiliate offers: high converting offers that will make money. Find people who want what you promote.
  • Set up a Facebook campaign. Learn how it works!
    • Design the ad: make sure you know what should it look like – avoid pitfalls!
  • Get traffic. Target your prospects carefully, then get your offer in front of them.
  • Sell: price the campaign correctly – decide whether you want to do CPC or CPM.
  • Get your ad approved. Scale your campaign only once you start making money and after you’ve run enough split-tests to be sure you’re promoting in the best possible way.
  • Build a social list around your campaign (Facebook – groups, fan clubs!)
  • Repeat

TIP: Instead of having to wait for the visitors to come to a site you’re building, go out and find websites that will allow you to buy ads so you can place your affiliate links there! Instantly you can test multiple offers and see if it’s going to work for you.

Jeff Johnson’s Facebook Push

  • Create your message, use software to send it to Facebook
  • Make money there – dont sit there chatting all day!
  • Push quality content and make sure it leads to a sales funnel
  • posts to Facebook automatically to both profile and fan pages
  • YouTube automatically pushes your video updates to Facebook profiles and fan pages. You can set that up from inside your YouTube account (go to setup to instruct it to do so!)
  • Also push to Twitter
  • Remember: you’re your own brand!
  • Facebook is (can definitely be) viral
  • You can virally get your message out to hundreds of thousands – if you can manage to get that viral magic…!
  • High quality content. Protect it so only friends can watch. When you reach limit of friends have multiple fan pages. Only 1 profile allowed. Fan pages are backdoors to Google!
  • Encourage your fans to LIKE your fan page. Give them an incentive to join your fan page. Actively encourage them to comment.
  • Push blog content to Facebook – also from YouTube to Facebook – and back!
  • Add opt-in forms to your fan pages on Facebook!
  • Demand “become my friend”
  • Demand “Like” my web pages and blogs
  • Use FBML (facebook markup language) to add opt-in forms to fan pages
  • Use FBML to protect fan pages so only fans are allowed to see content so they have an incentive to be your friend
  • Use the “friends only” feature on your profile content to protect certain content to give them incentive to become friends
  • On opt-in pages in your blog, reference how many people on Facebook “Liked” your article (recommended it)
  • Put LIKE buttons in your blog!
  • ASK them to Tweet it too
  • If you use photos – tag them correctly including links
  • Facebook sites show up high on Google
  • Start as many Facebook groups as you like on any topic
  • Create as many fan pages as you like
  • Upload optimized photos on any topic
  • Your status updates on your wall can show up in Google search results
  • Facebook videos can show up in Google
  • Groups can get you followers – once you got them, ask them to become friends

Important Social Networks

  • Badoo (90,000,000 users)
  • Bebo (120,000,000 users)
  • BlackPlanet (20,000,000 users)
  • Classmates (50,000,000 users)
  • Facebook (500,000,000 users)
  • Flixster (65,000,000 users)
  • Flickr (35,000,000 users)
  • Friendster (90,000,000 users – mostly in Asia)
  • Geni (15,000,000 users)
  • Habbo (170,000,000 users)
  • hi5 (80,000,000 users – mostly outside of USA)
  • Last FM (30,000,000 users)
  • LinkedIN (80,000,000 users)
  • MyHeritage (30,000,000 users)
  • MyLife (50,000,000 users)
  • MySpace (120,000,000 users)
  • Orkut (100,000,000 users – mostly South America)
  • Plaxo (15,000,000 users)
  • Qzone (200,000,000 users – mostly China)
  • Tagged (100,000,000 users)
  • Twitter (175,000,000 users)
  • WeeWorld (30,000,000 users – mostly teens)
  • Windows Live Spaces (120,000,000 users)
  • Xanga (28,000,000 users)
  • YouTube (50,000,000 users registered, but estimated over 300,000,000 visiting!)

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