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social bookmarking trafficThe challenge is to have good content. This method can be a great reinforcement of your whole message and can effectively multiply your target audience (readership) many times over. Will it drive traffic your way? If you get your keywords right and if your content is solid, and if you’re correctly established with all the most important social bookmarking sites – the answer is an emphatic yes! Note: it does typically take some time for this method to take hold and for the trickle of visitors to become a minor flood.

One of the main benefits of social bookmarking, as far as a marketer is concerned, is the ability to tag your articles and have them appear in the most diversified areas of the web, thus spreading your web presence and increasing the chances of your being found.

You can place the same article on multiple social bookmarking sites very simply and easily. And don’t worry about it being taken as duplicate content. “Duplicate content” only applies to re-using the same exact content within ONE website. Google will show the exact same content as many times as it finds it – as long as it’s been picked up from different sites!

There are many social bookmarking sites out there. Over 100 just by my counting. The most popular of those include Digg, Reddit, Delicious and Technorati, but that’s by no means all. So what do you do if you’d like to be updating them ALL regularly? That would be a LOT of work! Well, thankfully there’s a site called OnlyWire and if you sign up they’ll do it all for you quite automatically! You’ll still need to register yourself with each Social Bookmarking site (if you want them ALL, it will take about an hour or two to complete all registrations – and you’re done), but once you’re registered OnlyWire will continue updating them transparently and automatically. This is particularly useful when you have a blog, but it works just as well on any other type of site.

What can your articles be about? Well, apart from whatever subjects you routinely cover or are interested in, perhaps your articles are reviews? Reviews or products, sites, gadgets, ebooks, movies, music – whatever! You may join any site which specializes in that (e.g. CNet) and then socially bookmark your review so it instantly spreads right across the web. And if your article’s signature is correctly formatted and points right back to your site… you’ll have yet another source of potentially huge traffic!

Once your content is uploaded to all those bookmark sites, go back to Google, type your keyword and check! It might take some hours for all of them to get spidered, but you’ll soon see links to your site all over the place. And backlinks to your site are one of the most important assets your site can have! After all, if many places on the web point to you, then you must have something of interest, right? Well, that’s what Google thinks and ranks its search results accordingly.

Leveraging Social Networks

  • Ingredients: Solid, targeted content, a writer who can create compelling titles and descriptions and this list of social sharing sites (from Ekstreme’s Socializer Tool).
  • Process: Create great content (from one of the ideas here or something totally unique), then submit it to the major social bookmarking and link sharing services. You can also use this tactic in a long-tail fashion by tagging many small pieces of solid, but unremarkable content to services like, technorati, etc. with regularity.
  • Results: Digg’s traffic effect is well known, as is Slashdot’s, but even the smaller services like Reddit, Furl, Shadows and StumbleUpon can send several thousand visitors to the site.

Duplicate Content Revisited

Contrary to the popular myth, when you create an article you CAN reuse it – it’s not duplicate content! Duplicate content is when the same content is on the same website – not on OTHER websites. Google this to be double sure: article directories are 99% duplicate content!

Social bookmarking sites further duplicate your content.

The most popular among them,, delicious, technorati, etc¬†– can drive serious traffic to your site. Social bookmarking sites tell Google that you’ve done something. They’re like your own browser bookmarks, except they’re there for all to see. And Google loves that.

If you have a blog, make sure you use a good bookmarking pluging such as

Ask Visitors to Bookmark Your Site.

It seems simple, but ask visitors to bookmark your site or save it in their Favorites list.

I use a widget called AddThis ( When you put the AddThis JavaScript on your webpage, it automatically determines the title and URL of that page. When visitors click the button on your page, they are automatically taken to a page that allows them to choose which bookmarking service they prefer, and then pre-populates the appropriate form with the title and URL of your webpage.

If you have good content that people want to bookmark, this can generate hundreds of links to your site and significantly raise your rankings.


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