Online Banking

In this section I’m not really talking about your ordinary online banking – the kind that your bank probably provides, where you can check your balance, etc. Here, we’re looking at the most convenient ways to collect payments on the web. There are many good services out there, and they differ not so much in […]

Auto-Responder Basics

When you’re dealing with lots of automated correspondence, nothing can substitute an auto-responder. But there’s much more to a good auto-responder than just replying to mails. An autoresponder can be used to build and maintain a mailing list (a simple membership site!), pitch special offers to members and even perform certain conditional functions. A good […]

Outsourcing Your IM

If there is ONE SECRET I wish I had known when I started in IM, this would be the one. But perhaps I should say it differently. I DID KNOW about it, but I just did not appreciate what it really meant. I made the same mistake most of you make. Hey I got all […]

Designing & Coding Your Site

Website design tips Provide compelling content / something of value C1. Make sure each page in your website has something valuable to offer. Though this doesn’t really relate to design, it’s actually more important than design, which is why it’s the very first tip. I know that many people reading this page are trying to […]

Hosting Your Site

Introduction Knowing how to select a hosting company is an important and challenging task. Businesses worldwide are under pressure to cut operating costs to pay for their server and security agents. A company’s e-mail, website and other internet technology solutions are difficult to manage. In addition, many companies view these necessities as a significant cost/inhibitor. […]

URL And Traffic

Your URL – domain name – can be directly responsible for boosting your traffic tremendously, with very little effort, once it’s set up. This can only happen if your URL described what you do. “Branding” URL names (e.g. “John Smith Co.”) require… branding: constant promotion. The challenge is to have a keyword-rich name for your […]


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How do you present your site? What systems do you utilize and how? And why? All these issues have many answers and there is always more than one way to skin the cat. Here are the general considerations: Type of site Coding methods General profile Basic requirements


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