Outsourcing Your IM

outsourcingIf there is ONE SECRET I wish I had known when I started in IM, this would be the one.

But perhaps I should say it differently. I DID KNOW about it, but I just did not appreciate what it really meant. I made the same mistake most of you make. Hey I got all these different skills, why pay someone else to do what I can do better?

I forgot a few basic truths: (a) my time is better spent working ON my business and not FOR it!, (b) while working FOR my business even a workaholic like me can hit a burnout. I certainly did. (c) some of the tasks you must perform are devilishly mundane. The Reason why 99% of you FAIL in internet marketing is BECAUSE OF THOSE TASKS. Just take one SMALL example. Say you want to submit your site to all the different directories. You’ll quickly learn that auto-submitters either don’t work very well – or at all. So, you’ll find yourself enterting, or at least “confirming” auto-submitted data for each and every one of the hundreds… thousands of directories. How much time would that take you? How much MENTAL time? TOO MUCH, for such a stupid task. You can outsource this for a few lousy bucks and have it done better and faster than you ever could, by people who specialize in this.

All internet marketers (myself included) start out with the WRONG mindset: let’s make money FOR FREE. I’ve yet to meet a marketer who’s succeeded in this. No. You MUST spend SOME money. Just make sure you spend it wisely. And one of the WISEST investments you’ll ever make is to outsource all the “stupid” tasks. It’s much cheaper than you think!

Outsourcing or Out-Tasking

Why outsource (out-task)?

  • time vs money
  • skills

Consider this…

  • even if you don’t (yet) have the money it is vital to understand this
  • you need to outsource tasks to professionals to make your business look professional

Essential skills

  • you need to be in a position where you know enough – to lmpw wjay tje emd result should look like
  • very soon, you will want to be expanding your team
  • you must realize you cannot do it all by yourself

Common tasks

  • article writing
  • software development
  • ebook writing
  • blogging
  • market research
  • web 2.0 posts
  • video recording
  • banner advertising
  • graphics
  • pay per click ads
  • sales copy
  • testing & tracking
  • email writing
  • website design
  • link building
  • affiliate recruitment

Recommended out-tasking sites

  • elance.com
  • guru.com
  • rentacoder.com
  • freelancer.com
  • scriptlance.com
  • fiverr.com
  • copyscape.com (check for originality)

Out-tasking tips

  • evaluate ratings & feedback
  • award small projects first
  • test freelancers against each other
  • use escrow for payments

Popular locations for outsourcing

  • Eastern europe
  • India
  • Philippines

Recommended outsourcing sites

  • odesk.com
  • agentsofvalue.com
  • bestjobs.com
  • onlinejobs.com
  • internetmarketingempire.com/replaceyourself

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