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list swaps

The challenge is to already have a worthwhile list – and then to find someone willing to swap with you. This method will not work for a newbie with no list – but once you have a few hundred people, you can easily ask another webmaster (at the same levels as you are) to swap with you and literally double your signups instantly.

Don’t expect to be able to trade member lists with the most popular sites. Your list won’t be attractive enough to them, in all likelihood. But if you’re active on the net – as you should be – and you know your niche and others that work within it, it should be no problem for you to establish who is roughly on the same level you are and may want to swap with you. Just write to them or post to them on their forum or blog.

An Auto-Responder Swap is essentially an exercise in cross-promotion. I will tell my list about you, and you tell your list about me. Don’t do this too often, but when you do it, make sure you work out the best possible angle that will work well for both parties.

You can even create a special personalized page for your counterpart (and he/she should do the same for you) and direct people to that page. Make sure you monitor all activity on that page with Google Analytics.

Make sure you put your best foot forward in presenting your offer during such a cross-promotion. You may want to list a bullet-point list of the best things about it, for instance – and that alone will be most of your work done right there.

It also helps greatly if the person you’re planning to swap with is on your wavelength and likeable. And this means that you should really build a relationship with them first, before you make your approach.

Autoresponder Swaps Recap

  • Find some in the same niche who is also building their list
  • Google them or meet them in forums
  • Suggest that in one of the autoresponder messages we cross-promote (not too many of those! Doing this with 1 or 2 is fine)
  • You can personalize the page to which the swapper sends – and vice versa – this is an exlusive page for subscribers of ” Mr X”
  • Monitor it all with analytics
  • Develop a friendly a relationship with the other guy
  • Keep note of interesting people and sites u meet on forum etc
  • Can be time-consuming to organize, but easy once set up
  • The fastest way to add to lists
    • Find someone in the same niche
    • Sign up to their list
    • If you like their free gift – approach them – suggest list swap
    • You need at least 500 on your list before you approach
    • Be sure you get to know them at least a bit – enough to like them
    • Only swap if you like them
    • Send a message about them to your list – they do the same for you
    • Read junk mail to see which ones work and which ones don’t – some have value – collect them to use for inspiration
    • Make a list of benefits – 10 bullet points – in your email for your free gift or your sale product – 90% of your email is already written

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