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link exchangeThe challenge here is to just keep doing it. This method can be very laborious – unless you pay. If you stick with it, you WILL see greatly increased traffic, although the early stages can be a little disappointing. In my experience this is not a “quick fix” at least not in its free form. Still – you MUST know about it. (See also “backlinks“)

Link referrals are superbly important. That’s sites that link to you and thus increase your visibility. But getting a large number of those, or directing traffic from other sites to yours in a “sufficiently” high volume requires a very organized approach.

In fact, the amount of work you WOULD have to do if there were no tools to help you with this, would be staggering. But – thankfully – there are some tools out there. Special sites which specialize in link exchanges and referrals.

One such site is LinkReferral and another good one is EasyHits4U. There are dozens of others too. LinkReferral has some truly baffling baffling rules (like you can only review 5 sites per day – unless you upgrade your membership), and other such little idiosyncrasies. EasyHits4U is better organized and it even installs a toolbar which helps you surf sites and view their squeeze pages (95% of all content is like that!). This is, in truth, another one of those jobs that is probably better outsourced!

Most of these sites use similar methods – visit X number of sites and you’ll be eligible for X number visits back to your site. You can also trade links with other sites using some of the systems they provide.

I’m not yet completely sold on this method, but I can’t deny that there are others who swear by it and if you want to ensure that you get lots of traffic you should not ignore ANY of these methods. You never know where your best leads are going to come from in the end.


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