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With growing amazement and outrage, we’ve all been looking at how unstable the global economy has become over the past dozen years or more.

We’ve seen how central banks have morphed from supposedly respectable institutions to whimsical, desperate manipulators, while the fickle stock market appears to follow rules which have little to do with the free market or common sense.

This situation is justifiable cause for alarm for all of us and we must do something to remedy it for all our sakes.

karatbarssafeboxThis situation has greatly endangered our financial positions and severely undermined our savings. After all, with the dollar having lost some 98% of its value since 1913, most of which was lost during just the past 20-or-so years, saving money doesn’t have much of an appeal left. And yet, we must do our best to put something away for the future. Something which will not lose value, something which will always be exchangeable for goods and services – and money.

That something can only be a rare, non-perishable commodity like a precious metal – most particularly gold. Thousands of years of history prove beyond any doubt that gold is the most reliable store of value, and along with silver, the ideal way to invest in the future and secure your savings.


starsonaplatterBut purchasing gold has been unnecessarily over-complicated over the last many years, and most ordinary savers don’t feel comfortable buying gold paper, or indeed physical gold, never quite coming to terms with all the books and crannies of regulations, minimums, maximums, special conditions, and the like. A simpler and more reliable way to purchase physical gold has been a challenge which our governments did all they could do not to solve in a way which would satisfy the ordinary saver for the longest time.

This situation has changed with the advent of Karatbars.
People who wish to have a simple, convenient, elegant and affordable way to put a portion of their savings into gold have never had a better opportunity that with this system. You can purchase Karatbars one gram at a time, or in package sizes you can afford. Each Karatbar is beautifully embedded within a business card or a debit card which can not only be safely and easily stored, but it can also work as spendable money! Karatbars contain currency-grade 24 karat 999.9 pure gold within them.

Karatbars gold bars bring you security and convenience in a way never before seen with gold. Their impact on the savers’ market today is so great that more and more people declare this to be the hottest investment and savings trend for 2014 as well as the best hedge against inflation in the face of the next upcoming financial meltdown.

Karatbars allows you to buy gold safely, discreetly, reliably and have it delivered to your door within days after purchase. No other system that we’re aware of even comes close to the power and convenience of the Karatbars system.

And that’s not all. Once the saver becomes comfortable with the whole process – and this takes no time at all! – it’s possible to become an affiliate and make passive incomes from recommendations. Another way to use Karatbars is as an ultra-powerful branding tool. Find out about all these features of Karatbars by perusing this site.

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