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Karatbars International specializes in 999.9 gold in smaller, more affordable, transaction friendly weights.

Our production process has the ability to customize each Branded Gold Card to your specifications.

Imagine your unique privately Branded Gold Card which will highlight your company‘s logo, picture and special design.

Use these cards to impress a customer, investor – or anyone. Karatbars are a perfect advertising gift, which will continue to build value and recognition with your customers year after year.

Order your private Branded Custom Gold Cards today. Competitively priced. UPDATE: no minimum orders. Get your FREE Gold Account to see all discounts. Contact me directly for a BONUS DISCOUNT CODE on your orders and/or get a discount on ALL your gold purchases for 1 year!


  • With Gold you will always have the perfect gift.
  • With Gold you can inspire your customers.
  • With Gold you will make a huge impression.
  • Because Gold is always a store of value, your customer(s) will never throw it away.

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05b-valentine 06b-worldmap 07b-birthday

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23b-baseball 24b-shoes 25b-astonish

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26b-celebrate 27b-football 28b-christmas

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29b-basketball 30b-gift 31b-prestige

24K Gold In Micro-Quantities