Secure Your Future

Nothing can secure your future like gold. With Karatbars you can buy small quantities of currency grade 24 karat gold, from as little as 1 gram.

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  • Protect yourself against inflation.
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  • You can also use them to pay in shops
  • Nothing stores value like physical gold

Most people today feel hopelessly screwed by the fiscal and monetary policies of the predatory central banking systems all over the world. Most of them realize that the only safe hedge against inflation are precious metals. The only trouble is that buying physical gold is beyond the means – and expertise – of most people.


With KaratBars, all that has changed. You can now purchase gold in small quantities, from as little as 1 gram of 24 karat gold at a time, in the form of beautifully designed “business cards” whose tangible, physical value has been historically the most stable storage of value known to man.

You can buy as many and as often as you like, to assure yourself and your family that no amount of fiscal manipulation by your irresponsible government can undermine your future. Better still, you can join our affiliate program and by encouraging your friends to do the same, you can create residual incomes for yourself.

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24K Gold In Micro-Quantities