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This method is related to article writing, but with a twist. Here, you are the SOURCE of news for professional reporters. I first heard of this technique from Chris Farrell and it’s brilliant. It’s NOT fast and it will take time to start generating leads for you, even if you have great content – but once you establish yourself with it, you can real QUALITY signups.

HARO is a free service which connects us with reporters looking for information on a specific subject. You can sign up to HelpAReporterOut for free right now. HARO sends out press inquiries and if you can help – you get in touch with reporters directly.

Just make sure that you read all requests carefully. Respond quickly if you can indeed provide some help. Include a subject line – very specific & simple – give lots of info and detail and just remember NOT to answer to “everyone”. Only answer those reporters you genuinely think you can help.

Naturally, don’t forget your contact info. Also, do NOT send any attachments (until asked) and do NOT be a pest. Do NOT ask them “did you receive my email yet?” and don’t rush them to answer you. Reporters are notoriously busy people.

HARO sends you three daily emails with inquiries. Some of them are direct invitations to promote yourself! In short, this is a potentially superb source of traffic and it’s a lot of FUN as well!

Basic Guidelines

  • This is a free service – connects us with reporters looking for info on a specific subject
  • Sign up:
  • HARO sends press inquiries and if I can help – I get in touch directly
  • Once signed up – wait for haro emails
  • Do
    • read requests carefully – read twice!
    • respond quickly
    • include a subject line – very specific & simple
    • give lots of info & detail
  • Don’t
    • don’t answer everyone – only if you really think you can help
    • dont forget your contact info
    • don’t send attachments
    • don’t be a pest!
  • A pre-written HARO response is a good idea
  • Check out also:


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