Email Campaigns

The challenge is NOT TO SPAM. This method is my least favorite, even when mailing my own list. An email campaign once in a while is fine by me, if targeted at people who explicitly agreed to it and, ideally, asked for it, but anything more than that is playing with fire. I recently signed […]

Family And Friends

Now, here’s one method which is widely overlooked – to the point of stunning. Almost everyone knows at least a handful of people on the web. Surely, you do too! Well, that’s your first dozen or even a hundred contacts whom you can approach with (hopefully) less trepidation than any stranger! These are the natural […]


A “backlink” or a “link in” is a reference to your site which can be found on some other site. This is also known as “link popularity.” The more sites are linked up to yours, the more respect it will get from Google – and some other engines. Additionally, if the sites linking to your […]

Article Marketing

The challenge with article marketing is to have engaging content and to provide some real solutions that address people’s needs. This method can be wonderfully effective if your articles are informative and useful. I do not believe this can be as effective as some marketers say, if your content is average or low quality. It […]

Directory Submissions

Submit Your Site to Key Directories! A link from a directory will help your ranking — and get you traffic. A directory is not a search engine. Rather, it is a hierarchical listing of sites sorted according to category and subcategory. Be sure to list your site in the free Open Directory Project (, overseen […]

Advanced Twitter Traffic

The notes below have been taken from a variety of “guru” seminars as well as personal experience. Two of the most influential for me have been Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo “Twitter Blog Bounce” and Oli Tee’s Zero Down Traffic. Keep In Mind: Twitter is up to 13x more viral than Facebook Use Twitter to follow […]

Twitter Traffic Basics

The challenge is to cutting through the clutter and quite a lot of work. This method is quite new and not many people are aware of Twitter’s marketing power – even if it does seem pretty obvious that “something” should be possible to achieve here…! Once you’ve set up your Twitter account, you should also […]

Traffic & Promotion

All of the techniques below take a little doing and some planning. Most are not very difficult at all, but they’re a bit more “advanced” than the basic methods shown elsewhere on this site. Here’s an overview of all the key methodologies… Basic Methods Medium Advanced Writing Swapping Paying NOTE: HUGELY IMPORTANT! We have now […]

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