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free ads This is most certainly the age of FREE, and advertising on the web is no exception. You can get your ads placed for free on a wide variety of sites. Some may only agree to give you a link, others will be happy to place an ad text for you, and others may even agree to display an advertising image (or even video!) for you (e.g. a banner).

The most typical place to display your free ad is on classified ads sites. There are thousands of them out there. Simply google “free ads” and you’ll see millions of results right away.

The #1 classified ad site in the world is, of course, Among other popular free ad destinations are sites such as,, and WorldStuffer.

The Methodology

The challenge is to cut through the clutter. This method can be very effective as long as you know how to design a short, catchy ad – or a small but powerful image. The classified ad sites get tremendous traffic, so there’s definitely a lot of people there who COULD become YOUR customers.

You can place text ads or image ads there and as long as you follow their posting rules and use good keywords targeted at a narrow niche, there is no reason why this method shouldn’t work very well.

The general rule is that the “best” ads are image-driven, but if you can write great copy – who knows. The title of your ad is key.

  • Conquer fear through knowledge!
  • Some cls ad sites are really good – especially You can promot text or image.
  • Create a account.
  • Not too frequent, but regular (their rules).
  • Place your ad under services or small business ads.
  • enter a good title
  • Generally best ads are image-driven.
  • If you’re stuck, outsource the work to or – these sites have loads of excellent freelance designers who’ll for for you at very good rates.
  • You can paste in html link
  • Make sure to hide your email address


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