Forum Marketing

forum marketingThis method can work really well and get you narrowly-targeted signups to your site, blog, forum or newsletter. But, contrary to the popular lore out there, if you don’t have anything interesting to say, you will NOT succeed with this method. If you do, however, this is a potentially awesome traffic source.

The principle here is very simple. TAKING PART in something that already interests you. Search for forums using Omgili and just take part. Respond to posts that interest you and don’t just say things like “that was way cool dude” when you comment on other people’s posts.

The way you use forum marketing to your advantage is by being subtle. Your signature (or your member icon) will contain the link to your site. With this in mind, you should NEVER blatantly promote what you do. In fact, stay well away from that. Just make sure you post comments which are relevant and interesting. The other forum members will start clicking through to your site before you know it – if they respect you!

The resulting traffic will be a trickle at first, but it can really grow. Especially if you’re on MANY forums – not just one!

Marketing Forums

Another important aspect of forum marketing is taking part in marketer forums. This, combined with forums within your specific niche can send lots of traffic to your website.

Forum marketing tends to be underrated by newbie marketers, but if you know what you’re doing it’s an extremely effective strategy for building a list of subscribers, driving highly-targeted traffic, and establishing yourself as an authority in your particular market.

By becoming visible in a forum, you’re placed in front of your target market, and you can thus drive highly targeted visitors to your website. Potentially hordes of them too! But, of course, to make it work, you must be ACTIVE. And you must always deliver VALUE. Help people in the forums, answer questions. That sort of thing is prized the most. Only then will people click through to your site.

The way they click through to you is through your signature link. The signature link must lead people to your site, ideally where they can sign up, like a squeeze page. This way, they can become your subscribers first.

Here are some of the top marketing forums:

Create free reports and give them away on these forums. Combine a collection of your articles into a free PDF report, for example. Re-purposing your articles is a great way to generate even more traffic and subscribers. Always look for ways to re-purpose your content. There are a TON of ways to get extra mileage out of any type of content you create online.

The Internet offers thousands of very targeted e-mail based discussion lists, online forums, and groups made up of people with very specialized interests. You can also use Google Groups ( to find appropriate groups. Search online for blogs or other forums.

Don’t bother with groups consisting of pure spam. Instead, find groups where a serious dialog is taking place. Don’t use aggressive marketing and overtly plug your product or service. Rather, add to the discussion in a helpful way and let the “signature” at the end of your e-mail message do your marketing for you. People will gradually get to know and trust you, visit your site, and do business with you.

Forum Marketing At A Glance

  • Forum marketing = Targeted Traffic
  • Find a forum in your niche
  • Get involved – ask questions, provide answers, comment, introduce yourself
  • Each comment allows you to link back to your squeeze page through your forum signature
  • All at the forum are already interested in your squeeze page
  • Always be positive in a forum even if you dont agree
  • Private messages on a forum – very useful and valuable
  • Over-deliver – always
  • Have a great signature with a link to squeeze
  • Build relationships and exchanges, meet other experts


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