Video Creation

video creation

Over 60% of ALL worldwide web activity involves watching videos! A short promotional video is an absolute must-have when it comes to online marketing. Our Video Creation service will provide you with great little video which will help you get noticed!

  • OBJECTIVE: Create a high quality slideshow-style video for YouTube and for your website
  • VIDEO PARAMETERS: 30 seconds in length, animations where appropriate, using your logo and an image or two which you may provide along with brief promotional text and your site URL. We will also provide you with the best tags and SEO tips for promoting your video.
  • ASSISTANCE: Implementation guide in PDF format provided
  • DELIVERY TIME: 48-96 hours
  • NOTE: Videos are one of the most powerful ways to drive business to your site. They need to be short and fun and entice the viewers to click through. Also, they need to be tagged correctly to make it possible for the searchers to find them.


Video Creation
This is a powerful service which will provide you with:
* A 30-second video on any subject, professionally produced and attractive
* The video will also be correctly tagged and be fully SEO-ready
* Detailed instructions for how to implement it on YouTube and your site to assure optimal ranking

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