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Complete Business Site Solution

Published on February 17, 2011 By PS

In this service, I take the “Power Business Site” package and and throw in actual marketing services too. This way you will have lots of daily relief and won’t have to do all your marketing yourself. Once you decide to go down this route, we’ll sit down together and make a plan for what you […]

Power Business Site

Published on February 17, 2011 By PS

This is by far the most common type of site on the internet. A typical site has 10-30 pages and it deals with a product line or services of the given company or individual. The vast majority of sites are what they call “brochure sites”, meaning, they’re really only very elaborate business cards – and […]

Power Mini-Site

Published on February 17, 2011 By PS

A “mini-site” is a site with fewer than 10 pages of content. Some mini-sites have only one or two! A typical minisite is focused on only one product or service. It is highly focused and extremely simple to navigate. There’s actually almost no navigation involved. Just read a quick pitch, click to opt in, then […]

Internet Marketing Training Course

Published on February 17, 2011 By PS

Knowledge is power! We all know that. But rarely is this more true than in the case of Internet Marketing. It’s a truly complex world – even though each individual element is quite simple to understand! But it’s like a light-switch. Who doesn’t understand a single lightswitch? On – and there’s light. Off – and […]

Complete SEO Site Analysis

Published on February 17, 2011 By PS

A Fully Comprehensive SEO Analysis of Your Website! In a word – PRICELESS! Why do you need it? With a properly done search engine optimization you can greatly increase the traffic to your site. If you take onboard the simple suggestions resulting from this analysis, you will not just increase your traffic at least 10-fold […]

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