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A “mini-site” is a site with fewer than 10 pages of content. Some mini-sites have only one or two! A typical minisite is focused on only one product or service. It is highly focused and extremely simple to navigate. There’s actually almost no navigation involved. Just read a quick pitch, click to opt in, then perhaps follow up with a click to buy the given service or product.

A mini-site can easily be expanded to a full-blown site, but that’s not the point. The idea behind the “minisite” is that it is a type of a sales aid which has clear advantages over more conventional sites. It also has some disadvantages, but there are marketers out there who swear by minisites and, in fact, have built business empires around them. NOT an exaggeration.

A minisite business model has a lot of appeal. It’s extremely low maintenance (set and forget) and it can be highly profitable – particularly if you have multiple minisites, each dedicated to another product.

Some marketers who have found the “right” product and have designed their minisites in hugely compelling ways make $5,000 dollars per month – without lifting a finger.  There are also some who make 10 or even 50,000 dollars per month from a single minisite! Hands-free, no hassle. Talk about easy money!

But… it’s not all that easy. It’s easy to TALK about it, but very difficult to actually DO it. And for this reason, the vast majority of marketers use multiple minisites instead. If one such minisite can sell $50 per month, but I have 100 of them… that’s $5,000 in the bank! And, again, once it’s set up – it’s virtually set-and-forget!

The trick – and it’s a pretty difficult trick – is to set the minisite up correctly. You can expect to invest a month in your first minisite. But once you know what you’re doing, you can create high quality money-earning minisites at the rate of one or two a day! If you’re really good.

In fact, there are trading sites on the web which only sell minisite shells – but shells which have ALREADY done business and now just need someone to maintain them. The “set and forget” idea is, of course, a slight exaggeration. But what it is, is something in the area of a few hours per month – per minisite. Still not a big job, is it?

I have a growing experience with minisites. The learning curve was actually much steeper than I initially thought, mislead (as most people are) by the “mini” in the title. If it’s “mini” it means it’s a piece of cake.

Well – it isn’t. But it ain’t rocket science either, particularly once you know what you’re doing!


Note: I need to stress that we can not “guarantee” that you will make money using our sites or by following our methods. This is because there are simply too many variables in life to predict what might happen. But we do guarantee that the quality of work we perform and the methodologies we share with you are excellent and will be executed correctly and with maximum dilligence.

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