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This is by far the most common type of site on the internet. A typical site has 10-30 pages and it deals with a product line or services of the given company or individual. The vast majority of sites are what they call “brochure sites”, meaning, they’re really only very elaborate business cards – and not much more. You can not use such sites for selling anything, but rather only send people there so they get to know a little more about you and your business – but if they want to actually buy something from you, they need to get in touch with you personally or by email.

The way I’ve designed THIS site is also slightly along that model. But that’s deliberate. I don’t want this site to be an automatic money-machine, but rather a vehicle to build relationships and friendships with potential clients. For this reason, I’ve resisted the temptation to put up forms and selling anything “standard” and cookie-cutter. There’s room for that too – but not on this site.

Still, the idea behind this “Power Business Site” package is to give you a site which is BOTH a brochure, AND a powerful SALES tool. And with this in mind, I’ve filled this offer up with services and software solutions which would cost you thousands of dollars, were you to develop it all in a more conventional manner.

This site along with the techniques I will teach you in order for you to run it successfully, will allow you to engage your visitors and build your reputation – and eventually make online sales. How far you can take this and how much you can earn will be up to you. But the tools you will receive will give you the potential to have a virtually unlimited source of residual income, while also serving as a “window” to your company!


Note: I need to stress that we can not “guarantee” that you will make money using our sites or by following our methods. This is because there are simply too many variables in life to predict what might happen. But we do guarantee that the quality of work we perform and the methodologies we share with you are excellent and will be executed correctly and with maximum dilligence.

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