Keyword Discovery


Most website owners target the WRONG keywords and never manage to rank in the search engines as a result. Our Keyword Discovery service will help you correct this error!

  • OBJECTIVE: Discover easy-to-rank keywords for your website
  • NUMBER OF KEYWORDS: 20 easy-to-rank, 200 medium-hard
  • ASSISTANCE: Implementation guide in PDF format provided
  • DELIVERY TIME: 24 hours
  • NOTE: The keywords researched for your website will not merely be relatively “easy” to conquer. They will also have at least some monthly search yield (many keyword research services discover keywords which are 100% guaranteed to rank… because nobody is searching using these keywords!)


Keyword Discovery
This is a powerful service which will provide you with:
* Up to 20 easy-to-rank keywords for your niche
* Up to 100 medium-hard keywords
* Detailed instructions for how to implement them on your pages to assure ranking

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