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Knowledge is power! We all know that. But rarely is this more true than in the case of Internet Marketing. It’s a truly complex world – even though each individual element is quite simple to understand! But it’s like a light-switch. Who doesn’t understand a single lightswitch? On – and there’s light. Off – and it’s dark. On means you’re home, and off means you’re not. What about two light switches? One is off and one is on – might mean you’re not home but your wife is, whereas the first one on and the secone one off might mean the opposite. Now… what about more complex messages, involving, say, 1000 light switches? Or… a billion of them? Well – that’s what a microprocessor is! Simple in principle and highly complex in its entirety.

This slightly-stretched analogy applies somewhat to internet marketing knowledge. But the good news is, it’s actually not even that complicated! Still, there’s a bit of material to go through.

By my last count there are just over 200 distinct “marketing techniques” which anyone who wants to do internet marketing should at the very least know about, if not actually use them. The most common examples include, for example “search engine optimization” or “article marketing.” But these are, in fact, very general terms, a bit like saying “driving something”. It doesn’t tell you anything about WHAT it actually is! You could be driving a bike or a truck, it could be a race car or a tractor! And each requires different types of skill-set and approach. Some take years to master, some minutes.

Internet marketing boils down to the following essential steps:

  • Have a great product or service you wish to sell (or, for non-profits, have an informational site you wish to share with as many people as you can)
  • Find out who your target audience is and what they want
  • Inform them that you’ve got exactly what they want and need
  • Get them to visit your site
  • Engage them, so they trust you and rely on you for honest, solid information and fair prices
  • Convert them, i.e. convince them to deal with you – not with your competitor
  • Maintain and develop the relationship

Simple, isn’t it?

Each of these steps is a no-brainer and it makes it sound like you could conquer the world of internet marketing tomorrow.

But let’s just take ONE of the above, and they ALL have dozens of similar sub-concepts and techniques:

“Get them to visit your site” – this could mean paying for traffic or finding “free” ways to get people to be able to find you. You could pay for so-called pay-per-click ads or per-per-impression systems. You could pay for targeted or un-target advertising. You could do it using text or banners – or links! Or you might go for the “free” options and develop valuable “backlinks” to your site. Or take part in forums and build a reputation basing on which people will come to check out your site. Or you might do link exchanges. Or off-line SEO. Or feeder sites… get the picture?

Each of these techniques has further sub-techniques, and in some cases even sub-sub-sub ones! And each takes time to learn and implement.

Soon, you become overwhelmed and start over-analysing everything. You get “information overload” and “paralysis of analysis.”  You start seeking out “guru systems” to help you get that precious “short-cut” only to discover that you’re even more confused now and that nothing works!

And you give up…

But what if you had someone who could explain to you what is riff and what is raff? ;) How to employ any of those techniques in the best and most time- and cost-efficient way?

There are many excellent courses on the web. I’ve taken around 100 of those so far. Some are free, some are paid. Some cost perhaps a few bucks only, some will run you a bill of 100, 200 or even 500 dollars. Others cost… up to $10,000! I’m NOT kidding or exaggerating. Some take just a few hours, others take many months. And if you, like me, enroll to so many of these courses, you WILL become overwhelmed and confused. It was only my very special situation which made me stick with it. I was ready to throw the towel in many, many times.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. I can share with you all the best techniques and methodologies and save you months, perhaps even years!


Note: I need to stress that we can not “guarantee” that you will make money using our sites or by following our methods. This is because there are simply too many variables in life to predict what might happen. But we do guarantee that the quality of work we perform and the methodologies we share with you are excellent and will be executed correctly and with maximum dilligence.

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