Complete SEO Site Analysis

A Fully Comprehensive SEO Analysis of Your Website!
In a word – PRICELESS!

Why do you need it?

With a properly done search engine optimization you can greatly increase the traffic to your site. If you take onboard the simple suggestions resulting from this analysis, you will not just increase your traffic at least 10-fold in a matter of days/short weeks, but you’ll have an excellent chance of being found on the first page of Google!

The major features of this analysis include:

  • Title tags analysis – detailed suggestions for what you can immediately and easily improve.
  • Competition analysis – what are the top 10 sites doing that you should be doing: detailed breakdown and easy-to-follow step-by-step suggestions you can imlement with minimum web knowledge
  • Link popularity analysis – which sites are linking to yours and how to improve the value of the existing links as well as how to get many more links
  • Body text keywords – are your pages written in an optimal way (as far as search engines are concerned)? This analysis will give you instant solutions to dramatically increase your site’s “searchability”
  • Site age vs achievement analysis – if your site is new, I’ll tell you how to take advantage of that; if it’s established, I’ll point out the best methods for capitalizing on that in a big way!
  • Use of special meta tags – 99.9% of website owners are completely unaware of this powerful technique. Think of it as search engine candy!
  • Domain name analysis – is your domain name “right” for the search engines? Does it reflect what your business does? If not, not all is lost. In fact, I’ll point out a number of simple and powerful solutions to that as well
  • Social network links – are you utilizing the power of social networks? I’ll tell you exactly how to do that.
  • Server analysis – are you hosted properly? Are potential visitors turned off by the speed of your site? I’ll analyze this for you and tell you how to improve things, if need be!
  • Are your on-site images search-engine optimized? I’ll tell you how to do that easily – if they aren’t.
  • Does your site rank well on the web? I’ll give you even more strategies for how to improve your rank in a matter of – literally – days! Why does rank matter? Simple: the better the rank, the more visitors!
  • Are your outbound links properly optimized? Did you know you can use those to the benefit of your site?
  • Are your pages structured correctly? Page hierarchies are very important. You wouldn’t believe how many people get this bit dreadfully wrong!
  • What is the readability score of your website? I’ll tell you, using state-of-the-art analytic tools! You’ll even be able to see what demographics are most likely to understand what your pages are about. Pretty amazing stuff!
  • How search-engine compatible is your site? Most people think of Google only. But there are literally hundreds (even thousands) of other engines and directories your site really should be on. But will those engines know how to best read your site when they spider your content?
  • Keyword distribution analysis, across your entire webite. Complete with conclusions and reasons why your site ranks the way it does. Priceless information!
  • How do you rank on all the major engines? Ever wondered about that? Well – wonder no more. I will tell you!
  • Is your site marketing-ready? Can you monetize your site the way it stands? If not, I’ll tell you how you can indeed do that. If yes, I’ll analyze your most important conversion rate factors!
  • What is your site worth as it stands today? Now, isn’t that interesting…? I’ll run your site by a number of the most important website trading forums – and you’ll know! Oh, and one little thing: after you’ve optimized your site according to the principles described in my report, your site value will start climbing dramatically, from day one!

Any single one of the above points is enough to double or (in some cases almost infinitely multiply) the number of visits your site can be receiving. But in my report to you, I will include them ALL!

And the best part…?

You won’t even need to hire anyone to implement these techniques for you, if you don’t want to! We’ll give you a simple step by step guide for how it can be done.

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