copywritingWriting good copy, be it in your ad or on your web page, can be tthe difference between inking or swimming in the world of internet marketing.

Here are a few tips on what you should keep in mind when writing your promotional materials.

When Copy-writing, keep in mind:

  • Scarcity (or – time-limited)
  • Discuss the process, appeal to logic, appeal to emotions
  • Straight to the point
  • Visualizing
  • Let robots sell your message: one great copy can go out there and sell thousands of times more than direct approach
  • Employ psychology
  • Simple sales messages
  • Pre-answer common objecctions
  • Placing little ads all over the web
  • Build expectation & excitement – without boring them – then sell
  • Letter persuades them to buy
  • A good sales letter can be duplicated endlessly
  • Use REAL endorsements and proof
  • No wild claims – dont set off BS alarms

Test and Track Your Campaigns

  • Landing page optimization – make sure you do A/B split tests
  • The customer doesn’t necessarily search for the title phrase. But he often responds better to a “catchy” title.
  • When writing titles for paid products, write a title that leads with the main benefit, even if the benefit doesn’t have a keyword phrase in it!
  • When writing headlines, generally you can use more words. Move the benefit from the subhead; put it in the main headline. Use the popular SEO keyword phrase in the subhead, not necessarily in the main head.
  • Or put the benefit before the colon, and place the product name or title after the colon.


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