IM Spartacus Coming Soon

IM Spartacus 1.0 (coming soon) IM Spartacus is a cross between an IM (Internet Marketing) encyclopedia, a diary/organizer and an interactive advisory tool. Additionally, it lays out the best possible action plan for you, basing on what you know and what you learn from it. There is no other tool like it on the market today and – even though I’m half-letting the cat out of the bag by talking about it here – I doubt there will be one like this any time soon. The mission of IM Spartacus is to free the newbie as well as the advanced (but not yet successful) internet marketer from all the hype and time wastage that goes hand in hand with any IM activity. I won’t tell you much more than this, other than briefly tell you just SOME of the key points that IM Spartacus will deal with in a most unusual and powerful way: Site preparation, planning, setup, IM training, service set up, etc Niche research and development for startups as well as for established online (and offline) businesses On-page SEO techniques and strategies that guarantee success on all engines and social platforms Conversion drivers which ensure maximum client retention – and NOT the way 90% of all marketers do it (by drowning you in tons of unwanted and confusing freebies, among other things) Product and service launch strategies – again, unlike what about 90% of marketers are doing. You’ll be shocked! Keyword research (as discussed here and more) as well as search engine domination strategies (partly covered also in my Google Domination Strategy I offer on Fiverr) Simple...

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