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seo servicesThe challenge is to have great content and a lot of regular interaction with it. This method has the benefit that other website types often don’t: a blog CAN very quickly establish you as an expert and therefore your opinions – and referrals – count for more. And you can therefore make sales more easily than someone who is not seen as an authority!

The web is full of blogging multimillionaires. Huh? I hear you exclaim. Can you become filthy rich just by writing stuff? And without being a world-class writer?

Well… you have to be at least a reasonably good writer. And – yes – you can indeed make a lot of money with a blog. It’s not really ALL THAT different from other types of websites, and the only really critical difference is that a “normal” site tends to have more static content, whereas a blog tends to be highly interactive and its content is changing all the time.

One of the best and most powerful arguments for a blog is that it is EASIER (not to say “easy”) to generate loyalty and following from total strangers. If you write well, have great topics, a good blog layout and know how to get the word out there – you’ll soon start attracting a lot of people who will be keen to see the world through your eyes. Before long, many of them will start viewing you as an EXPERT, and your opinions will carry more and more weight. At one point, if you ask your members/readers to do something… they just might!

Another advantage of a blog is that you can keep email follow-ups to a minimum. Once they subscribe, they will automatically be updated on all new posts from you and you’ll always be top of their mind when it comes to your niche subject.

Once you’re established as a blogger, you can do many things with your articles. You can submit them as articles to article sites and you can offer them (for free) to other blogs and newsletters. Many companies would LOVE to feature your articles on their sites – particularly if they don’t have to pay for them!

The objective is to spread the word about you. You should be taking part in blogs and forums and your signature there will drive traffic to your site very nicely – the more popular you are, the more natural referrals you will get.

Promote your blog just like you would any site. Use all the techniques described in these pages and study income-generation methods (see the recommendations section). All ads and features you display within your blog, as long as they are relevant to your niche, can be tremendously effective for you, and you can actually get companies to PAY YOU to advertise within your pages.

45 Blog Post Ideas That Always Generate Buzz

  1. Aggregate and filter information, facts, stats or content that currently exists in different places in a single post.
  2. Answer ultra-specific questions or obscure problems in deeper ways than currently exist. The more specific you can get, the better.
  3. List the 101 essential people, sites, or posts in your niche.
  4. Devise a way to tag as many people as possible in a post without doing so directly (work it artfully into the content).
  5. Post why someone popular is wrong, with facts or opinions backing it up.
  6. Gather a bunch of images from Flickr under Creative Commons that have to do with your niche and make a gallery (with attribution, of course).
  7. Make Digg bait – every blogger can probably hit page 1 at least once if they create the right type of post.
  8. Make a list of bite-size tips for your industry that are quick and useful.
  9. Write something counter to what the rest of the world thinks.
  10. Create a series of posts unique to your site (for example, Daily Blog Tips blogger face-offs).
  11. Write a stream of consciousness post that is extremely emotive.
  12. Show off samples or case studies of your most impressive professional work on your blog.
  13. Analyze/interpret current trends in your industry, drill down to specific examples.
  14. Crowdsource your next post idea to your readers.
  15. Start your own tagging meme.
  16. Run a contest and give something relevant and interesting (not necessarily expensive) to your readers.
  17. Create a list of your most popular posts, your favorite posts, most commented-on posts, etc.
  18. Give away your marketing secrets that have enabled your blog’s success to help your readers do the same.
  19. Write part 2 of one of your posts that was extremely popular.
  20. Write something to inspire/motivate your readers, especially if you don’t normally do that.
  21. Create a collection of the most stumbled/dugg/tweeted posts in your niche with links and a short description under each back to the content (bonus points if you grab images or logos from those sites).
  22. Challenge your readers to change the world and give them actionable ways to do so.
  23. Throw your blog over to the commenters for a day.
  24. Walk readers through a day in your life.  Take photos or even use video.  Put a fun spin on it too (this one is clever).
  25. Interview someone who is upcoming in your niche/field.  This is perhaps more interesting than interviewing someone who already made it – those who are upcoming will be even more passionate about answering your questions.
  26. Write a strong rant.
  27. Ask a question everyone else is afraid of asking.
  28. Ask your readers to de-lurk.
  29. Encourage others to blog by showing the benefits you have personally had from blogging.
  30. Write an interesting analogy.
  31. Coin a phrase which describes a phenomenon that currently has no description.
  32. Write a post about a blog which is popular but is shallow or gimmicky – explain why.  You’ll kick over the hornets nest, but you’ll draw attention.
  33. Do a Twitter search for tweets on a particular subject – display them together on your blog (compile in photoshop).  Create bullet points of trends you notice at the bottom of the post.
  34. Create a sense of urgency, for example  write a post titled “How _____ is already reshaping the world” or “Why you need to know about ______ for future success”.
  35. Write what you notice your industry is doing wrong, and ways it can get on a better path.
  36. Tell a story using pictures.
  37. Point out something ironic.
  38. Create your own spin on a popular meme.
  39. Write a post aggregating smart, inspirational quotes from others in your niche.
  40. Write a post listing the most important news items in your niche over the last 15, 30, 60 or 90 days with a quick yet compelling editorialized description of each.  Build upon it over time by making it a series with a sticky name.
  41. Create a summary/main points of a popular or interesting white paper, book, or any longer format content that is scanable and summarizes it quickly (sample).
  42. Share your blog statistics with readers.
  43. Create an inclusive list of nice-specific jargon with definitions (sample).
  44. Write a post discussing things you can learn by studying “insert popular web personality here”.  For example, you could do something like – “Identifying The Keys to Chris Brogan‘s Success” if you were in marketing – but make it industry specific.
  45. Use compelling graphics/charts outlining interesting numbers/facts about something in your niche.


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