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If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re running a special promotion we call “The Treasure Trove”. It contains over 3.8Gb of data: articles, eBooks, videos, mp3s, programs, graphics – and more – and the idea is to help you to QUICKLY source high quality material which you can use for your site. Some of this stuff […]

IM Treasure Trove!

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Content, Hundreds of Dollars Worth of My Work! INSANE? – Slightly…!   Includes PLR, MMR and other quality free-to-use articles, software, images, eBooks & much more!If you’re looking for KILLER CONTENT for your site, to share, give away or sell – or simply to educate yourself – then Hands down […]

Take No Prisoners!

Guaranteed, free, fast, high quality traffic anyone? As you can probably see by now, we take our marketing pretty seriously. We’ve become expert in dozens – hundreds – of “free” promotional methods as well as paid ones. Throughout our quest for IM knowledge we’ve tried untold numbers of systems, services and software programs – always […]

Online Banking

In this section I’m not really talking about your ordinary online banking – the kind that your bank probably provides, where you can check your balance, etc. Here, we’re looking at the most convenient ways to collect payments on the web. There are many good services out there, and they differ not so much in […]

Auto-Responder Basics

When you’re dealing with lots of automated correspondence, nothing can substitute an auto-responder. But there’s much more to a good auto-responder than just replying to mails. An autoresponder can be used to build and maintain a mailing list (a simple membership site!), pitch special offers to members and even perform certain conditional functions. A good […]

Outsourcing Your IM

If there is ONE SECRET I wish I had known when I started in IM, this would be the one. But perhaps I should say it differently. I DID KNOW about it, but I just did not appreciate what it really meant. I made the same mistake most of you make. Hey I got all […]

Designing & Coding Your Site

Website design tips Provide compelling content / something of value C1. Make sure each page in your website has something valuable to offer. Though this doesn’t really relate to design, it’s actually more important than design, which is why it’s the very first tip. I know that many people reading this page are trying to […]

Hosting Your Site

Introduction Knowing how to select a hosting company is an important and challenging task. Businesses worldwide are under pressure to cut operating costs to pay for their server and security agents. A company’s e-mail, website and other internet technology solutions are difficult to manage. In addition, many companies view these necessities as a significant cost/inhibitor. […]

Paid Advertising at a Glance

Paid Advertising In General Look at paid advertising as your cost of doing business. The disadvantage is that it’s a bit more “painful” if you don’t have much money, but the advantage is that it gets results quicker than most other methods. Remember that  once you work out your advertising strategy you should no longer […]


Google’s advertising network is referred to as Google AdWords. The way the Google Adwords network operates is by allowing advertisers to bid on an endless selection of keywords that they believe may be typed into the Google search engine in search of information. When an advertiser bids on a specific keyword, and they bid a […]

Warrior Forum Special Offers

One of the most helpful places to start your online marketing career is where all the marketers hang out. Places like Warrior Forum. And if you have a product of your own with which you’d like some help, very few places on the Internet can compete with WSO’s (Warrior’s Special Offers) for their ability to […]

Media Buys Basics

Media buying, sounds complicated doesn’t it? It needn’t be. Are you ready to learn how to conduct media buying by completing five steps? Step 1 – Identify your target market. Who are you trying to reach? Who is your target market? Create a profile that reflects the consumer you are trying to reach. Questions you […]

Classified Ads

The vast majority of classified ads on the web are free – but free isn’t always the best way to go. Most classified services offer premium placements for your ads, at a (usually) small extra charge. If you haven’t yet mastered the art of generating traffic and converting it, classifieds (including paid ones) may be […]

Traffic Buying

A lot of people opt in to various general lists on the web, expressing their interest in particular niches. You’ve done that too, I’m sure, and so have I. Most companies on the web actually TRADE with their lists – and some SELL them outright. There are companies which take this to an unimaginably sophisticated […]

Advertising Networks

Aspects of this topic are covered under the Social Networks section, but here the added factor difference is that you can also advertise on “all other” sites which are doing well. You can negotiate rates for displaying banners, text ads and other media, and depending on the popularity of the site you’re dealing with as […]


Writing good copy, be it in your ad or on your web page, can be tthe difference between inking or swimming in the world of internet marketing. Here are a few tips on what you should keep in mind when writing your promotional materials. When Copy-writing, keep in mind: Scarcity (or – time-limited) Discuss the […]

JV Deals

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that JV’s (joint ventures) are the BEST way to build a large, successful business online. JV’s are a way to leverage other people’s talents and contacts against your product, talent and contacts. Simply put: you scratch their back and they scratch yours. You can compare a JV […]

Ad Swapping

Once you’ve built a list of 1,000 subscribers or more, start using ad swaps to grow your list exponentially. This technique is pretty closely related to Traffic Exchanges and List Swaps, so do read up on those as well. This is an extremely valuable technique that can add hundreds of subscribers to your list at […]

List Swaps

The challenge is to already have a worthwhile list – and then to find someone willing to swap with you. This method will not work for a newbie with no list – but once you have a few hundred people, you can easily ask another webmaster (at the same levels as you are) to swap […]

Traffic and Link Exchanges

This topic is very closely related to link exchanges. The difference is more quantitative than qualitative, actually. But still, there’s a number of things to keep in mind here which are subtle differences between ordinary link swapping and the more “all-out” traffic swapping. In the process of looking at all this, we will inevitably repeat […]

Feeder Sites

You may well ask yourself, why would I go to the trouble of building feeder sites when i have a high quality web business site using highly targeted keywords, without third party adverts , duplicate content and spam. Welcome to the real world… Banners and Contextual Adverts If you are in your chosen business sector […]

Reporters And Marketing

This method is related to article writing, but with a twist. Here, you are the SOURCE of news for professional reporters. I first heard of this technique from Chris Farrell and it’s brilliant. It’s NOT fast and it will take time to start generating leads for you, even if you have great content – but […]

Newsletter Marketing

The difference between a blog and newsletter is increasingly blurry. So these days it’s come down to the method of delivery: a newsletter can arrive in your mailbox – a blog, typically, doesn’t. Typical “pilar” content found on blogs is likely to be more prominent in newsletters. Tips & tricks, Tip of the Day, Thoughts. […]

Forum Marketing

This method can work really well and get you narrowly-targeted signups to your site, blog, forum or newsletter. But, contrary to the popular lore out there, if you don’t have anything interesting to say, you will NOT succeed with this method. If you do, however, this is a potentially awesome traffic source. The principle here […]

Blog Marketing

The challenge is to have great content and a lot of regular interaction with it. This method has the benefit that other website types often don’t: a blog CAN very quickly establish you as an expert and therefore your opinions – and referrals – count for more. And you can therefore make sales more easily […]

eBook Marketing

The challenge is to write a really useful eBook. Assuming that you do, then this method can indeed produce signups – eventually. As your book gains popularity, people will click through on the links you provide within it. Some GREAT books can generate literally thousands of leads, while other books may get you a handful […]

MySpace Marketing

MySpace is the birthplace of the viral indie band. Keep that in mind when you design your social marketing strategy for this hip and fast moving marketplace. Unlike some of the other social networks promotion and outrageous presentation are encouraged, not scoffed. Although serious business marketing is taking place on MySpace you have to conform […]


Link wheel is one of the most talked about SEO strategies that have come out in a long time. A huge number of internet marketers are now implementing this and see better results in search rankings as it increases the site traffic on your website. Link wheels are designed by creating new backlinks to your […]

Connectivity & RSS Marketing

RSS has been around for a few years now, but because of the growing problems of e-mail content delivery, and because it provides many other business advantages as well, it is quickly gaining momentum. In fact, it’s just about everywhere now and it’s still climbing. Even though most publishers today employ RSS intensively for both […]

Social Bookmarking Traffic

The challenge is to have good content. This method can be a great reinforcement of your whole message and can effectively multiply your target audience (readership) many times over. Will it drive traffic your way? If you get your keywords right and if your content is solid, and if you’re correctly established with all the […]

Social Network Marketing

The challenge is to cut through the clutter. This method CAN generate huge traffic, but it won’t happen “just like that” no matter what you do. Not unless you pay for advertising there. This said, there are quick and dirty ways of cutting through SOME of the clutter using commonsense methods. If you’d like to […]

YouTube & Video Marketing

The challenge is to have – or find – an extremely popular video. This method can take a long time to develop if you’re starting from scratch. But in this chapter I’m giving you a few tips including an amazing little secret for how you can tap into the success of an already-viral video and […]

Facebook Promotion

Facebook is fast catching up with Google as the premier way to interact with the world. And this certainly goes beyond “frienships” and ordinary social interactions. In this sectionm, we’ll have a look at how Facebook can be used to promote your products and services. What sells on facebook Freebies – not products. The kind […]

SEO & Keywords

SEO – Search Engine Optimization The #1 SEO challenge is to find the best keyword or key-phrase around which to build your campaign. Once you have that, you need to optimize your site(s) around that keyword so as to best take advantage of it. If you can discover the best high-search but low-competition keyword, your […]

Link Exchange

The challenge here is to just keep doing it. This method can be very laborious – unless you pay. If you stick with it, you WILL see greatly increased traffic, although the early stages can be a little disappointing. In my experience this is not a “quick fix” at least not in its free form. […]

Free Ads & Classifieds

This is most certainly the age of FREE, and advertising on the web is no exception. You can get your ads placed for free on a wide variety of sites. Some may only agree to give you a link, others will be happy to place an ad text for you, and others may even agree […]

Maps And Mashups

The principle behind this is very simple. If your company location is linked to a map, you can thus increase your visibility by showing up in regional searches. In some cases it may be considered beneficial to target traffic in specific geographical areas. Some marketers establish multiple identities on the web, in multiple geographical areas […]

Email Campaigns

The challenge is NOT TO SPAM. This method is my least favorite, even when mailing my own list. An email campaign once in a while is fine by me, if targeted at people who explicitly agreed to it and, ideally, asked for it, but anything more than that is playing with fire. I recently signed […]

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