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twitter marketingThe notes below have been taken from a variety of “guru” seminars as well as personal experience.

Two of the most influential for me have been Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo “Twitter Blog Bounce” and Oli Tee’s Zero Down Traffic.

Keep In Mind:

  • Twitter is up to 13x more viral than Facebook
  • Use Twitter to follow people in your marketplace
  • Blog post on site, notify Twitter followers automatically
  • ASK them to Facebook-“like” and re-Tweet message
  • Always TELL THEM what to do, e.g. “please help us spread the word by Twitter”
  • Make sure you check out
  • YouTube will auto-notify Twitter
  • Get Twitter followers to your webinar
  • Get Twitter followers to your optin forms to capture them on email followups
  • Google tracks unique visitors to website
  • Tweet about your videos on YouTube
  • Tweet about your articles on other sites
  • Tweet about your Facebook pages
  • Tweet about hot current topics so you can show up quickly in Google’s iUpdate section
  • Tweets are tracked indexed and published by thousands of other websites including Google
  • Google updates (sidebar) shows you all the latest updates – from Twitter, Facebook, etc
  • Pick a hot topic that applies to your market – or figure out a way how it relates to your niche
  • For example, tweet about a famous star but also intermix that with tweets about your site – soon the followers of the star will notice your site

Setting up the foundations

The “social media wheel” method using Twitter. Here’s the plan overview:

  • Setup your profile
  • Become an instant expert (else you won’t stand out)
  • Attract “buyer” followers (i.e. mosty likely buyers)
  • Monetize

Twitter keeps people in touch and updates them on what’s going on. For a marketer it’s a tool to becoming an expert in a niche, drive traffic and making money. Twitter is a goldmine of free targeted traffic – BUYER traffic! It’s like having your own TV/radio show – for free. Twitter gives you the “Oprah effect.”

All marketers have a Twitter account. They already have a huge following. So… you can legally access their most loyal customers. FREE!

Twitter is the golf course of the internet. You can join ongoing conversations. It’s perfect for finding JV deals and building a following, and you can meet thousands potential customers a day! Twitter helps you build a relationship with them – it’s a “thought-to-thought” system.

Word of mouth becomes possible – among FRIENDS.

Twitter also speeds up the buying process. Here’s the KEY:

  • Set up your profile
  • Use a good username (own name is good – it’s about being social, so a fake name is… fake)
  • Write a kick-ass bio (something which will attract – they need to click with you – answer the question: what benefit is there from following you, what aspects of your personality you’d like to include, something fun, interesting, unique, edgy…. what’s in it for me)
  • Customize the look and pic (must have! at the very least an avatar, can be amateurish)
  • Link to your website! – send them to a blog or a review page – to educate them! Otherwise send them to your site or your offer, but better conversions are achieved through blogs etc.

Becoming an instant expert

People prefer getting advice from experts. They gain trust faster and thus u make money faster and easier.

  1. Educate them – they’ll trust your recommendations.
  2. Give them solutions to their problems – Google the kind of problems your ideal prospect is facing, type the keyword + “problem”, then find an informative article with the answer. Copy article and Tweet it.
  3. Train your friends to click on your links by providing quality content within your niche/problem. Helpìng people FIRST is the key. Become a resource to people.
  4. Fill page with quick tips and techniques, stuff people can apply NOW, ideally. “If he gives this great stuff free – what will i get if i pay…” Tweet your tips!
  5. Inject humor and wisdom into your tweets. Google it: quotes, thoughts, jokes – whatever – every few days.

Attracting buyer-followers

  • Focus on the buyer-followers rather than general-followers
  • Top experts in your niche are already on Twitter – and they already have followers on Twitter…
  • Find top 5 gurus or experts in your industry
  • Follow the first 5 pages of their followers list each day
  • Wash, rinse, repeat…

Here’s how:

  • … find people – type name
  • … pick guru’s profile
  • … see his followers, follow each – from the first 5 pages
  • … take breaks inbetween
  • … do this for each guru – every day, 5 pages, 5 gurus

Eavesdrop and Hit’em While They’re Hot

  • … search in Twitter (your keyword)
  • … pick 5 main keywords for my business
  • … join interaction first – they’re more likely to folow you back
  • … you can engage in them in a conversation
  • … use
  • … get list of ppl talking about your subject – follow them
  • … you can reply to some of them if you have something interesting
  • … spend 5-10 mins per day on this – or more

Bio-Targeting Breakthrough

  • … find people who are interested in what you have to say
  • … scan bios of each twitter member –
  • … use your keywords again, 3 to start
  • … click  top 3 people per keyword
  • … start adding first 2-5 pages of their followers (not too aggressively)
  • … results are ranked – remember that the top listings are “influencers”
  • … open in new tab, look thru their profiles, etc
  • … click on followers – and same as above – but you get more variety of people to choose from – similar to buyer-followers method

Golden Rules Of Following

  • Follow at the right times and on the right days (1-3pm, 8-11pm, weekends are best) – more people will follow you back that way
  • Dont follow everyone ALL at one time. Break it into sessions – mornings, afternoons and evenings
  • 1000 max per day and 2000 follower limit – unless 2000 follow you, 20-50% follow you back.
  • When you reach limit – UNfollow those who don’t follow you.
  • To know who is NOT following you, try to send them a direct message – if impossible, they’re not following you back – unfollow them.
  • Then you can break the 2000 barrier

Turning Your Followers Into Raving Fans – For Life

  • You dont want followers – you want FANS
  • Poeple who are super interested in everything you say and offer
  • They will be much more likely to buy all you sell and spread the word

How to scare followers away:

  • Don’t just “sell”
  • If they don’t get any value from you
  • Spam their inbox wiht yuour products and services over and over
  • Talk about just 1 thing over and over

Reality Check:

  • How are you enhancing your followes lives?
  • What are you GIVING them? Educating, inspiring them?
  • What do they value you for?
  • What value are you creating for your followes on Twitter?
  • What’s in it for them?

4 strategies to turn them into fans

  • Spend 5-10 mins per day looking for interesting posts
  • Always choose the ones with most diggs or comments
  • Use to shorten links then post headline on your Twitter accnt
  • Dont forget to reply to all the msgs you get when starting out, later on try at least 10 a day
  • Use
  • Look for things with high diggs and that appeal
  • Use
  • Copy title, post it on twitter, click on digg link, see article, copy full URL, go to tinyurl, copy, paste into Twitter and Tweet – you’re becoming something of a reporter this way

Let people into your life

  • Use personal photos (twic pic)
  • Write personal stories on blog
  • Provide personal updates (sill things like i just watched…)

Be human

  • Talk about your passions
  • Dont be afraid to talk about yourself
  • Talk about your life, news
  • Talk opinions hopes dreams and feats
  • Talk about aha moments
  • Talk about a great lesson you learned

Ask questions

  • What’s a good place to go on vaction, what’s your favorite “x”, etc, etc

People to model

  • Look what other top people do
  • Emulate

Monetization and Advanced Techniques, Advanced Twitter Strategies

  • Monetization is more important than traffic
  • Alwys be giving value – thats main objective – selling becomes secondary and easy
  • Dont send peopel straight to sales pages or lead capture pages, have them go to blog post, video or article – this makes it more personal
  • Dont just sell them anything, your rep is on the line, sell what you believe in and are passionate about

Ask yourself:

  • Do they know like and trust me?
  • Have i given them some sort of value already? (entertainment, tips, resources)
  • Do I believe in what I sell?

Have one more thing to sell – dont put all your eggs in one basket

  • You can have one main product or service to promote, but make sure you have other products to sell to your followers
  • If you market right, your followers will always want to buy something from you, so you should always look for somethig to sell to them

Add a “personal touch” to ALL your marketing

  • Always customize your comms with your prospects to stand out
  • People buy from people – your entire marketing should highlight YOU, you are your brand!
  • They’ll buy from you if they like you

Create a review page or review video of product

  • Reviews work very well because they are more personal
  • Personal review wors a lot better than blatant advertising
  • Review can be an article, video or a blog post
  • You’re selling to ppl just like you: “equals” on the web

How to Market Your Personality

  • Integrate your personality with your reviews
  • Dont be afraidf to reveal yourself to your prospect
  • At some point you should include your story, what problems you had, how it affected your life, what solutions you found, and what that solution promises
  • Story to back this up – you been there (solution to problem your product solves)
  • When you start experiencing results, then tell your prospects about it. This is a great way to bond with them and show them proof that it works

Your Ultimate role:

  • Live the life your prospect wants
  • When you start achieving the results you want, then you can start to experience more and have the freedom you want. Always talk about it. This is a great motivator and it makes you credible in the eyes of your prospect.
  • If you travel a lot as a result of your business, take pictures and share them. If you got a new car let them know, be successful and share it with others

Ideas Ideas Ideas

  • What do you talk about in your personal-touch pieces? (vids, aricles, blogs)
  • Answer a problem
  • Share your story
  • Answer an objection, pre-empt
  • Provide a solution

Structure of a Review

  • If you haven’t had any results with it: talk about a common problem most people face. Share some tips or techinques in the book that help solve thar problem
  • If you’ve had results with a product: talk abotu your life before the product then your results now
  • At the bottom of article always have a link to your product or service
  • You can have a vid or article where you share 3 tips you learned and then recommend them to get that product or service

Post the review link to your Twitter accounts:

  • Once you have the review post or vid, then post it
  • 3x per week initially
  • Avoid promoting somethign new every day – you want to socialzie, help people and then occasionally promote

Posting Styles

  • How to post: e.g. how to easily make money while working from home, then link to product
  • Big mistake – 3 big mistakes most ppl make when…, then link to product
  • Personal result: e.g. how i made $11,111 in just 1 month, working from home, then link to product

Create a Twitter Habit

  • Secret to success is consistent action
  • Do basic and simple stuff ovwer and over again without missing a beatr
  • Create your twitter ritual. do it for 30 days straight till it becomes a habit.

Schedule your habits

  • Plan when to reply to ppl, how many minutes for that
  • When will you post to twitter, what time
  • When do you follow and unfollow ppl (traffic assistants can be hired…)

Habit of promotion

  • Promoting your business is an important habit to create
  • Make sure you promote your business at least 3x per week using Twitter
  • Be creative in promoting, don’t do the same thing over and over, switch it up a bit!

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